Try MapQuest for Many-Stop Route Planning

Let’s not devolve into a discussion of Apple Maps and Google Maps. That can break out into a new topic if people want to revisit it.

The short answer to your question is that MapQuest’s app isn’t as good as either of them apart from the RoutePlanner feature. Stick with whichever of the other two you prefer for normal navigation.

I use a terrific app for planing vacations-but more important for mapping routes between several wineries each day. It is called Road Trip Planner. I use it on the Mac primarily, but it runs on the iPad and iPhone. It uses Apple Maps to work its magic. Check it out.

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If you want a multi stop planner for touring, I highly recommend furkot which I use when touring in my VW campervan. It not only plots multi stops but also finds accommodation nearby and refuelling stops. I regularly take summer touring holidays around Europe and it’s great. Im currently sitting in a campsite in the Dordogne area of France on this summer’s tour.

Cant help but wonder if msft excel solver would work the basic problem

just my .00002 cents worth