Track meet management software

Love the battery info, but also the memories of those halcyon days of sitting in a press box waiting for the printouts from Hytek’s prehistoric software (I am a former newspaper sports editor).

Your club might want to look into the future, which from what I saw at the most recent meet I covered was and (related to one another, not sure how). Great stuff.

I’m always open to looking at new options, but from what I can tell of ( seems to be a timing service), it just handles meet entries and seedings, and results have to be entered by hand.

We used to use the MeetPro software from DirectAthletics, but it was buggy and didn’t connect to the Time Machine for importing results either. Hence the switch to HyTek Meet Manager a few years back.

Since most big meets are all using FAT (presumably FinishLynx), that may be the direction we have to go eventually, which is frustrating, since it’s overkill for many of our meets and would be an expensive set of gear to purchase for just that.