Touch failing on iPads?

Have moved from a 9.7 iPadPro which I had for several years to the 12.9 iPadPro (love the screen, which is why I got it!). Few years back I started noticing that it could simply make zero response to ANY touch, gestures or not for a short bit. I HAVE noticed the frequency of this getting to be more of an issue… and this is obviously over several OS updates. It gets MOST annoying when this kind of stuff gets in the way of my being able to unlock the tablet in the first place. We’re talking dead for generally less than a minute, but it can happen a few times a day now.

Looking for others experiences…

I have noticed this on my 12 inch as well. I try to scroll something and nothing happens, like the screen is locked, but after a moment it will then respond to a touch. Not like the first swipe is getting buffered, just ignored. Does not happen on my 11 inch 3rd gen iPad at all.

Same kind of problem on an iPod Touch. (6th or 7th Gen.)
Would seize up every morning daily for a few days. Touches just wouldn’t register. It would go back to normal again after 5 or 10 mins. But it also went back to normal after a hard restart.

Hasn’t done that for a while now. Wiping/cleaning the screen might have also helped.

I should have mentioned that I majorly use the pencil… BUT I always revert to my finger should it become unresponsive. Sometimes that does make it work… maybe a quarter to a third of the time. BUT I see this isn’t something unique to me… but certainly does call my HUGE investment into some question. Is this inherent in the touch screen technology itself? Or am I wrong to expect it to work a lot more consistently than it seems to?

Same problem on my 2016 iPad Pro 12.9. It seems to be worse on Safari when reading the facsimile version of our Aussie newspapers. The pencil is worse than the finger, but I find by rubbing (in frustration) the screen with pencil for about 5 seconds, it comes to life. If the pencil is inactive for a few minutes then it seems to go to sleep and I have to move the pencil up and down numerous times (to pass the time) to wake it up again. It almost seems that the os is reloading the routines for reading the pencil’s actions, but I am no expert!

This has been a problem for a couple of years. Using the latest os software.

Reminds me, every now and then, if I snap the pencil to it’s charging/pairing magnetic side it will wake up. Just not all the time, maybe one in 5.

Yeah…me too on a current generation iPad Air…the worst offending app is Kindle and second worse is Safari. I’ve also got an issue that clicking on a video or animated GIF in Tweetbot usually just gives me the loading cursor and never pops up the video.