Too Fast to Read Startup Error Dialog?

For some time (Monterey release?) I have had what appears to be an error dialog flash by at startup so fast that I can’t read it. Can’t find anything in the startup logs; although, I could easily be looking in the wrong place. Hard to believe this isn’t being logged somewhere. Any suggestion where?


Try taking a slo-mo video with a phone?


Interesting idea. Worth a try, but it is really brief. However, it could verify my current suspicion. From logs, I have two processes (drivers) that look like they don’t care for Rosetta. It would be nice to know before I try to dislodge them. I fear “csrutil disable” may be involved.


It worked!

“Do you want application “mediasharingd” to accept incoming network connections?”

I guess Apple didn’t really want it to either… ;-)


That’s great. With this information, you now know that you need to visit your firewall configuration. There’s probably an app listed there (mediasharingd?) that is requesting permission - you can grant or deny it from that configuration.

I’m running Big Sur (not Monterey), but assuming Apple hasn’t changed this configuration, you should go to System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Firewall. Then click the lock icon to permit changes (if it’s not already unlocked) and click the “Firewall Options…” button. You should see a screen something like this:

Apps above the line have their firewall settings managed elsewhere (e.g. in my case, by various configurations under the Sharing preference panel.

Items below the line are ones you can configure. Click the double-arrow to the right and choose whether to allow or block connections. Hopefully, the app in question will be on this list.

If not, then it may be configured via the Sharing panel (the Media Sharing item). See if you can tweak that configuration to fix the problem.

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Thanks, David, for the very thorough directions… but already done. The real trick was that, no, “mediasharingd” was not there, and finding it with the file requester that the “+” button brings up was a bit of an adventure. All good now though. Thanks again.

Or, if you find Apple’s Firewall mediocre, you can license the excellent Mac Firewall Software called Little Snitch.

$45 lifetime license. Objective Development (

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User since 2007, thanks!

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