To Upgrade to Office 365 from Office 2011?

Have those using MS Office 2011 found any reasons to upgrade to 365?

If you upgraded, did you buy or subscribe and why.


PS Yes, I asked a similar question about 9 months ago when I was then running High Sierra.

The biggest reason I found to upgrade to 365 was that the upgrade also enables the mobile versions of Office (i.e. being able to do more than view documents with them), and I wanted to be able to use Word on my iPad.

We upgraded to Pages and Numbers.

I did migrate because of 64-bit compatibility. But I chose to get Office 2016.

My work has site licenses for 2016, 2019 and 365. Our software people suggested 2016 because it runs fine on even the Catalina and it’s well patched and has a good rep. 2019 is still a bit rough on the edges was their take. I didn’t want 365 because a) I can’t stand the subscription model (I think it gives devs the wrong incentives) and b) I don’t need/want Office on my iPhone or the MS cloud storage.

I have to say 2016 has been a very smooth upgrade (as somebody who has little love for MS saying that took some effort). :wink: No drama, nothing unexpected. In fact, stuff that used to be slightly wonky on 2011 (like printing large Excel sheets with weird aspect ratios) is much better behaved now. So far, I’m very happy I chose this route and I think I’d take it again. At the latest with Catalina I suppose many of us will be in that boat.

Of course if this would have been for home use and I would have had to pay with my own money, I would have most likely just gotten 2019 Home for $149.

Your workplace is already paying for an O365 subscription for you so using a volume license instead of the subscription license seems like an empty gesture. I don’t know why 2019 would be “rough on the edges,” it was basically all the updates already used by subscription licensees put in a box.

One can review the release notes for Office for Mac, from September 2018 (16.17) to present to see what features Microsoft has added and see if any are of interest. A recent addition is Power Query in Excel; I’m not clear on what that is but it’s one of those features that’s been in the Windows version for a long time.