Tired of Web Sites Blocking Standard Browser Controls? StopTheMadness!

Wow - thanks for this post. I would like to know the answer to that question too.

Al Varnell


Recent tweet from DuckDuckGo: https://twitter.com/duckduckgo/status/1230866518675726342?s=21

It’s sadly ironic how many privacy-related articles are shared with tracking parameters added to the address. :disappointed:

So here’s a PSA to protect your friends & followers
Very helpful, thank you, that’s exactly what I wanted. And they’re free too!

The developer addressed this in detail in a blog post.

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I’ve been using Brave for awhile and I like it enough that I only use Safari to view videos at Netflix and Amazon. (Brave lacks an extension that allows the playing of DRM-protected videos.)

I have noticed that more websites do not play nicely with 1Password 7 when using Brave than Safari. Will Stop The Madness generally improve the 1Password user experience in Brave?

Thanks for the heads up on this article. I don’t use Facebook, but I sometimes need to archive text that’s in posts there. It’s been extremely irritating that I can’t copy and past the content from that site. This did the trick.

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