TipBITS: How to Recover Space from an iOS Update

You must be lucky! I tap Later now too, but the download is already there. “Later” just prevents it from installing right then.


It’s really quite ridiculous that that’s what users have to do if they don’t want auto-downloads on iOS. And this all simply because Apple has declared that one size fits all and there shall be no options. It’s almost as if all people updated the same or everybody had limitless high-bandwidth broadband for free. Good thing Apple never charges extra for more memory on iPhones. :p

Actually, you are right for my iPhone 6 w/o SIM which is my backup in case I lose my iPhone 10. I haven’t looked at it for awhile and it DID download the iOS 11.4 update. I’m not going to install it but may do the iOS 12 update when it is released.

Yes, the UI (and feature set) is different in obsolete versions of iOS—I should have specified that I was only talking about the current iOS 11.

But I wouldn’t equate battery life issues on an iPhone 5s with an iPad in general, and certainly not if they aren’t of the same basic age. Most devices have no problems with battery life in iOS 11.

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When you grow tired of Apple designing a phone that doesn’t match your personal preferences, perhaps it’s time to purchase something else.


Nice try. :smiley: Of course it’s exactly the other way around. It’s the fact that they leave next to zero room for “your personal preference” (options).

But sure, as I’ve been saying for the longest time now, if Apple wants my money they better have something worth talking about. I’ll buy when there’s something worth buying, not just because my 12 month cycle is up or some other handbag swinging doohickey is released. Gimmicky distractive junk like animoji, memoji et al. definitely isn’t cutting the mustard here.

But ultimately I’m optimistic. As the iOS market share dwindles and Android solidifies as the 90’s MS Windows, they’ll have to smarten up. Especially the moment teenagers move on to the next cool fashion gadget and that ridiculous steady revenue stream dries up. Competition is a great thing - as we witnessed back in the day when Apple had to fight to stay alive and find it’s way back up from 3% desktop market share.