TipBITS: How to Move Your Evernote Notes to Apple’s Notes

the shortcoming of Notes for me and others is lack of Android sync. Evernote would be a good buy for Apple for that and other reasons.
TRied Standard Note, but it doesn’t like the Evernote export and says it’s improperly formatted Json doc. Perhaps to due with my OS is Mavs.

A lot has happened in the Mac app world since January 2016. Would be really helpful if TidBITS would update the article on “Evernote alternatives”… especially in light of the troubles the company is going through and this article suggesting it’s time to look for a PLAN B.

Thank you

I’ve moved all my stuff from Evernote to Notes…but if I needed more than what Notes does I would probably go with DevonTHINK and use either iCloud or DropBox for syncing. I don’t know for sure whether their iOS app is a full capability mobile app compared to the desktop one though.

Attention FileThis users:

Since Evernotes is an automatic depository for FileThis, which automatically collects and files all ones financial statements, my primary concern would be whether Apple Notes is a reliable target acceptable by FileThis, and if not what would be such a reliable and adequate substitute.

Has anyone here in the discussion been using Evernote for FileThis and successfully switched to a new target notes app? If so, what has been your experience and how satisfied are you with the replacement notes app you chose?

What about Microsoft Notes, Mac version?

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Where is the export stored?

Well I hope the rumors aren’t true. I can’t find a:

  • cross platform
  • full featured
  • migratable from Evernote

alternative anywhere.

The latest I’m reading is that Evernote will continue but the free tier will disappear. That would be ok if the new model is sustainable.

I wish OneNote worked better. But their problematic importer hasn’t been upgraded in 15 months.

I mentioned Standard Notes before, noting that it uses end-to-end encryption, it’s open source, basic functionality is free, and it’s fully cross-platform: web, macOS, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Android. It also has a focus on simplicity that I really like.


The main drawback was lack of support for attachments. They just announced support for attachments using an interesting model: attachments sync using your existing Dropbox, Google Drive, or WebDAV cloud storage. Attachment storage requires an Extended subscription (not free) and attachments must be smaller than 50MB. They are, however, still end-to-end encrypted.

I haven’t tried it yet; I just saw this blog post:

For me, this is the last piece of the puzzle and (assuming it works as advertised) will make SN my one-and-only notes application.


This has been a freakin’ nightmare. For one thing, Evernote is not going anywhere. But jumping on the panic bandwagon I moved my 1400 Evernote notes to Apple Notes rendering Apple Notes unresponsive on all of my Apple products–MacBook, iPhone, and both iPads. Now…how do we wake up from this nightmare? In other words, how do I “undo” all the damage and reset my Notes app on everything back to factory settings?

Have you tried using the iCloud Web site to delete some of the notes? That might work differently.

Much as I hate to say it, then, you’ll probably need to call Apple Support. It’s possible that there’s something wedged in your iCloud account that only they can fix.


In general, iCloud is the “truth” for Apple’s syncing scenarios, so that’s where I’d focus my attention on trying to delete things. If you’re not seeing anything there, that feels problematic and may require Apple Support assistance.

I think I’ve fixed it. Apple was doing some work on Notes on iCloud yesterday so that may have been a contributing factor.

Notes is NOT a valid alternative for Evernote. Not even close. I should have done some research before posting the article to our MUG page and jumping on the panic bandwagon only to find out Evernote is not going anywhere anyway. Shame on me.

In the future I would suggest that you check your sources before printing an article like that lest you find yourself on the wrong side of a defamation lawsuit. Shame on you.

**Cheryl **

Shame for what? Evernote has been struggling for years, and as far as we know, these reports (which we linked to) are still true, and on top of it, the company has reportedly laid off 15% of its workforce now. And even if the company was doing swimmingly, which it’s not, it’s still a good idea to do regular exports so your notes are backed up.

If you do this, your notes are still in Evernote. At the moment, no one is preventing you from using Evernote, but now you have a backup in case the company does go under. Realistically, another company will buy Evernote for a song before that happens, but who knows what that means for users.

I’ve heard from several people who don’t find Notes satisfactory, in which case I would recommend another app. It works fine for me, but I know as well as anyone how weak Apple’s services are. I offered those instructions because every Apple user has Notes, and if it doesn’t work for you, you can simply import that export file into another app of choice like OneNote or DevonThink.

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That’s enough, I don’t allow abuse here.

Nothing Josh wrote in the initial two sentences of that article (which were all that in any way commented on Evernote’s status) was incorrect, much less close to defamation. If you’re annoyed that you had a bad experience importing into Notes, we’re sorry, but we’ve been trying to help and it’s no excuse to start being insulting.

Any future non-technical comments in this thread will be deleted.

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Just a quick followup to note that we’ve downsized the emojis on the main site. :ok_hand:

Although I’ve been frustrated with Evernote becoming bloatware and forcing me into a paid level, I’ve got over 1100 notes of all types in there and rely on its robust sync capabilities across my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I also frequently use the WebClipper extension in Safari (the “share” function on iOS is also handy but sometimes results in funky formatting).

I tried exporting to Notes a couple of years ago but everything ended up in one big folder (I have dozens of Evernote folders). So I kept using Evernote.

Would love to have a robust look at options out there. In the meantime, thanks for the tip on Evernote’s troubles as it reminded me to export my notes as a backup.

You’re welcome! We’re wanting to do a roundup of note apps whenever we’re out from the mountain of iOS 12/Mojave content we need to develop. I don’t use it, but OneNote is free and well regarded, so you might look at that.

You’re welcome! We’re wanting to do a roundup of note apps whenever we’re out from the mountain of iOS 12/Mojave content we need to develop.

A roundup of note apps would be most welcome.

One point of difference I’ve found between Evernote and OneNote is that the Evernote web clipper allows clipping of a selection but OneNote doesn’t. You have a choice of the full page (either the whole thing or the “article") or a screenshot or a bookmark. This is a substantial issue for me because I frequently use apps like this is to save useful snippets from the web, but I rarely want a whole page so using OneNote means an extra step to edit the clip. (But apart from that OneNote is pretty good.)

Peter T.

I’d recommend starting at the survey-based article we linked to in the original piece: