Time Machine ate my hard drive space!

Well, after losing several hard drives to Time Machine over the past couple of years I ordered a new hard drive (all be it a portable drive) and set it up yesterday. It is a LaCie Mobile Drive 2TB External Hard Drive HDD. My computer is an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019 with a 1 TB drive.

So I let it run and woke up this morning with a notice that the backup was stopped because there was not enough room to complete the the task. I only have 10.4 mb. left!! I have not gone for a larger capacity drive because of space limitations and other factors and really don’t want to. I’m really mystified here because I have not encountered space limitations before - the drives were messed up by TM and could not be mounted after a few months of service.

Any explanations? Solutions? I know, get a larger drive lol. Thanks.

Very likely this is from Snapshots accumulating on your disk from TimeMachine and/or CarbonCopyCloner. I see the same thing on my external SSD boot disk. The CCC ones can be limited by a CCC setting, but I see no way to limit them for Time Machine.

Question for all: do snapshots build up forever on internal boot disks, or is this just an external boot disk problem?

Thank you Dana. That could very well be the issue. I use CCC regularly and I also use TechTool Pro occasionally so there probably are a number of them there.

Your question is a good one and I would be interested in what people answer. The other question I have is there any way to get rid of some of those snapshots?

In CCC, if you set view Devices (left column), and select your boot device, there are settings to turn snapshots on and off, provide a setting for minimum disk space to leave, and it lists all snapshots on the device. Unfortunately only CCC snapshots can be limited here, and in my case Time Machine continued to gobble space.

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