TidBITS Website Favicon

Just wanted to chime in that, the Tidbits favicon is partially lost when in dark mode on, say, Firefox browser. Is just looks like a purple “B”. And can barely make out the T in the tabbed view.
Its not just Tidbits but many other sites have logos that look good on white background, but when dark mode is on, the design gets lost.

Huh! I never use Dark Mode, so I hadn’t noticed.

I’ll try it sometime, but I don’t have a sense if there’s an easy way to address it in so few pixels.

You will need to make it with a white background and not a transparent background so it doesn’t go dark

Wouldn’t that look funny if the tab backgrounds were light gray in some browsers, though?

A white outline around the logo instead of a solid rectangle might work.

Yes that would work or go with a color or a circle around it , Just something that no matter what color the tab background uses that it is not taken over to make you logo disappear.

I’ll have to take a look. There aren’t a lot of extra pixels there. :slight_smile:

This is rather crudely done but I took the small png included with the article above and replaced anti-aliased fringing around the T with purples from the B. pixel-32x32 I think this approach makes it legible in dark mode without significantly changing its appearance with white or gray backgrounds.

I googled for a pixel editor and found the web-based Lospec Pixel Editor.

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I don’t which of many different icons is used but I’m noticing that “TB” is black and purple in the Firefox tab, in Safari 14’s address bar (when the cursor is there), and in Safari 14’s tab for talk.tidbits.com. However, within Safari 14’s tab for tidbits.com, “TB” is entirely purple.