TidBITS on Threads?

I can’t see Tidbits on Threads. Is it likely to appear there?

Definitely not until there’s some sort of automation. And once that happens, I’ll have to decide if there’s enough of a benefit to TidBITS to override my revulsion for everything associated with Meta.

Unlike Facebook, where the TidBITS presence predated us realizing just how damaging the site is to both the mental health of individuals and the world’s social and societal fabric, I wouldn’t be taking anything away from readers by not supporting Threads.

It might also be possible for people on Threads to follow our Mastodon account—I keep hearing rumblings about how Threads will support ActivityPub. I have no desire to use Threads long enough to find out.


Hasn’t the world realised how bad these things end-up being, given the years we’ve all had dealing with several of them.

At their core, they’re essentially mostly filled with crap… rammed full of brands’ marketing their stuff; influencers selling themselves to anybody who’ll listen regardless of them having anything of value to actually say; and needlessly aggressive/over-argumentative/rude/agenda-fueled -types, who all waste average people’s (and society’s) time and energy.

Joining yet another one seems a bad idea.


Can you tell me the handle on mastodon? I am on mstdn.social. Will I be able to see your posts?

Sure: @TidBITS@mastodon.social

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