TidBITS mentioned in USA Today

In this article about “Other” - How to reduce 'other' storage on iPhone, iPad


Hey, cool, nice to see @jcenters getting some recognition!

Ah, it’s our friend Rob Pegoraro.

Yup, good old Rob Pegoraro - been a fan since back in the WaPo days and a frequent speaker to Washington Apple Pi.

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Thanks for the link! I had been in contact with Rob about this article but didn’t know when it would publish.

I hated giving such lame advice about “Other,” but the best thing is to not think about it unless you have to. As Rob explained in the article, he did an iTunes backup and restore, only for Other to fill right back up the next day. It’s a crappy situation, but there’s no use fighting what you can’t fix.

After one day looking at my iPhone and seeing that its available capacity of several hundred gigabytes was literally being eaten to almost nothing by OTHER, I decided to see if I could do something about it. I took aim at the video storage and decided that there was no reason I had to keep every movie or tv show I’ve purchased ready to watch on my iPhone. I could redownload whatever I wanted to see at any time from iTunes or watch it on my Mac with its bigger screen. Once I deleted all video content from my iPhone, my OTHER amount went down to almost zero and I had a full 450 gigabytes totally empty and available again. So for me, video was the culprit. Not music, not photos, only video. Try deleting yours, it may work for you!

That’s a good point I wish I had mentioned. I’ve also noticed that sometimes deleting things that fall under other categories makes Other shrink. In any case, the advice is the same: don’t stress about Other and focus on what you can change.

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I wonder if that might be related to caches for the primary content.