TidBITS Doesn’t Cover Rumors. Here’s Why

An excellent article and laudable ethic not publishing rumors. I’m sure it’s hard to compete with outlets that have no, such compunction.

In his farewell post, analyst941 came off as somewhat immature revealing - to me, at least - a person likely raised on social media and thirsty for “likes”. This sad situation provides a good example of why such actions can be damaging, if not destructive - and not solely to the individual propagating the rumor/leak. He took advantage of a familial relationship which now appears to be seriously damaged - perhaps even long term/permanently.

There really is no, true “victimless” crime. I wish them the best.


The biggest problem I see with rumors is that tech blog posters often take a rumor as verified fact and run with it, often vilifying Apple in the process. Of course when this rumor is debunked there are rarely any apologies.


Fun interview with the founder of MacRumors:

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The latest person whose leaking has messed with their life: