TidBITS 2019 Reader Survey Results

Alas, that’s highly unlikely to happen. He’s a computer science major at Cornell, focusing on machine learning, and tech journalism doesn’t particularly interest him. Besides, he has always been incredulous that we could make a living doing what we do, given that neither he nor anyone he knows would ever pay for content on the Internet.

Yep, had same conversation with my students when I detailed all my subscriptions, they were astounded that I did so.

I’m fully into HomeKit myself; I have a summer home with a basement that gets wet and I have a camera that allows me to see the basement, an Eve temp and humidity sensor that lets me monitor those, and a few outlets, one of which is a dehumidifier; so when the humidity goes up, it automatically turns on the dehumidifier, and turns it off when the humidity gets low enough. And it allows me to monitor it from anywhere I have an internet connection (so long, of course, that the power and internet connectivity remains on at the summer house.)

I don’t use it so much for lights, but we have a few in our main house that are timed to turn on so it looks like people are home. I can even turn on and off the TV to make it look like somebody is there. And I even have a HomeKit device connected to a hose to periodically water a new tree we had planted this past spring.

So I’m probably one of the ones that is interested in more HomeKit coverage, but really it was all pretty easy to figure out on my own anyway.

I don’t remember my response, but it was probably not interested. Mainly because I have all this Amazon/Echo stuff. :wink: I am interested in automating several things in my home, and probably should investigate HomeKit further, to see if it’s a good fit for me.

Honestly, I’m terrified of using the Terminal. My late hubby was a Terminal guru, and anytime something had to be done with the Terminal on my iMac he did it for me. Now he’s gone and I’m lost and hesitant. Last time I used a Terminal command was to turn off something new that just annoyed the stuffing out of me. Then Apple made another change and I needed to turn it back on–but I’d managed to lose the instructions and web page. :scream::roll_eyes: Totally my fault, and after 2 days I found the info and fixed it, but that was my last foray into the Terminal.

I was surprised that you rushed the Survey Results. I often let my routines—such as reading TidBITS and TidBITS-Talk—lapse if I am focused on a short-term project (I generally catch up, but it takes time).

If your survey had remained open for 2 or 3 weeks I certainly would have responded.

In fact, the survey is still technically open. We just said it would close to encourage people to fill it out fairly quickly so we’d be able work on the results in a timely fashion. With no deadlines, people tend to put things off indefinitely.

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I suspect that this has more to do with your RSS reader only showing five articles, so somehow there are ones that fall between the cracks. I use an RSS app (ReadKit on Mac, Reeder on iOS) as my primary way of reading TidBITS, and all the articles appear for me. I either read the article in my RSS app and then click through to show it on a webpage so I can see what the comments are, or go to the webpage straight away.