Three Wallet Cases: Bellroy, Encased, and Smartish

Ah! Good question. For the most part, it is always connected, except when I am extracting a card. If I am in my car my phone is almost always in my pocket, but I do have a magnetic mount, and in that case (a rare occasion) I’ll separate and keep the wallet in my pocket and reattach it when I dismount the phone. But if I know that I’m going to need to mount my phone on a particular day (such as yesterday, when I was driving somewhere I’d never been), I’ll use my big wallet and leave the MagSafe wallet at home.

Thanks for closing the loop on this, @scstr, and I’m glad you found your wallet. I will admit that I have had mixed results with Find My, as I wrote here. I do think taking the wallet off to use a MagSafe vent mount sounds like a recipe for trouble.