These forum posts, suggestion

It sure would be nice if each post had two dates shown in the list of posts, a starting date and a last comment date.

Out of interest, what’s the use of the starting date for you (in the topic listings)?

I kind of remember when I made a post, so to try to go back and find it. I did find in my profile my activity, so I was able to go back and find the post I wanted to add to. That would also aid, I think, people to see how old and still active a post/thread is.

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Makes sense. One tip (that you may already know and have used) is that in your activity view there’s a drop down which filters the type of activity. By default it’s set to All, but you can change it to Topics to see just the threads you started. Those of us who aren’t Adam or Agen probably only have a handful of these, so makes it easier to find the thread we’re looking for.


Thanks Jolin, but I kind think I implied that I had done just that.

I thought you might have, but wasn’t sure if you’d scrolled through your All activity view. Posted the above for general reference in case someone finds it useful.

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I don’t believe there’s any way to configure that, but you could make it as a feature request to Discourse.

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Adam, I just did.

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