The Weather app mysteriously reverted to maximum 20 cities vs 50 cities

For iOS 16, at least initially, maximum cities under the Weather app expanded to 50 from 20. Now it’s back to 20 with the latest iteration. Not that I needed 50, but just wondering if they felt 50 was too much of a battery drain (which I can’t believe is an issue unless you keep Weather front and center all the time ), or forgot to forward this to the next version?

(Personal note: Hey Adam. Just discovered this place. (I also just discovered fire.) Nice setup; I think I’ll stay.)


Battery drain is probably a part of the scenario. Another consideration is that many Apple developers include Weather data in their apps, and keeping developers happy is critical to the success of the service. While the Weather app is now 100% free for consumers of Apple products, before Apple’s acquisition it was not free for developers to include in their apps. And Apple also very quickly killed the Android version:

Keep in mind that before the acquisition Dark Sky was mostly a paid service, and it did share data to third parties for a price. So IMHO, whatever little problems have been part of the launch, it’s now a privacy focused freebie that now has great potential for iOS users. And it was a big kick in the derrière for Android users.