The Real System Requirements for Apple’s 2023 Operating Systems

Just discovered that the iPadOS option to list for “Siri” or “Hey Siri” doesn’t appear on my 10.5-inch iPad Pro running iPadOS 17.1, so it seems that it’s not necessarily available on all supported devices.

That does seem odd. My slightly newer 11" iPad Pro does show the 3 options in the Listen For item in Siri and Search Preferences:

  1. Siri or Hey Siri
  2. Hey Siri only
  3. Off

Yes, I have the same iPad and spent some time looking for those options when it was first mentioned here and gave up. Probably should have mentioned it then.

Support for that iPad seems to have been an afterthought, since it wasn’t listed as supported in Apple’s documentation, but it clearly was able to upgrade. So it’s not too surprising that it doesn’t have all the features, though it’s too bad Apple didn’t document the lack.

I believe the first-generation Apple Watch SE also lacks this “Sir” or “Hey Siri” feature. Tonya has that watch and isn’t seeing the option.

Appreciate the article.

There are numerous reasons for moving forward and stopping support of older hardware, but I have increasing difficulty believing critical security issues cannot be fixed after 3 to 5 years.

But what do I know? Apple is clearly succeeding and what other metric counts when you have investors to keep happy? So why shouldn’t we use the same approach with other daily necessities like automobiles? Why should automakers have to respond to defects after 1 year? Why should they provide parts after 3 to 5 years?

Apple dictates the rapid depreciation cycle. They dictate the new full version each year cycle. They dictate the “3 current versions” support cycle (with intentionally slower response on the two previous versions that are supported).

It would impress me if older devices (assuming 4G or newer) could run a stripped down system that enabled the basics: phone, text, email, camera, documents, etc. These functions have been around a very long time. None of these features need to be so advanced that they require a “supercomputer”.

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