The One Remaining Use of the Word “Macintosh”

This thread got me wondering about what hardware and and software was used to create the animation. Though I couldn’t find this info, I did stumble across something very interesting; Apple will be soon be releasing Wolfwalker, an exclusive TV+ feature film from Cartoon Saloon. The conceptual trailer seems a lot like it could possibly be a prequel to Secret Of Kells:

Although I haven’t read much about it lately, there were rumors flying around that Apple was shopping around to buy a cartoon studio, and they were talking to Cartoon Saloon.

The first thing I do on any new Mac is to rename “Macintosh HD” to “MacintoshHD”, since I use the Unix command line a lot, and a surprising number of programs fail if there’s a space anywhere in the path.


My Hard drives name has since the beginning in the late 80s has been and will always be " Don’t Panic. Keeps me calm and lets’s know where I am.

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I recently replaced my full 500 GB drive with a 1 TB hard drive so my iMac internal drive now has “iMac HD (1 TB)” as its name. My MacBook Pro has “Macintosh HD (MBP)” while my MacBook Air has “Macintosh HD (MBA)” IIRC (it’s at my place in Arizona right now).

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Hi Adam, I have always renamed my Mac’s hard drive, currently I have just bought “iMac 4”.
Incidentally, do your readers know that the name “Macintosh” was chosen as it is an American species of apple? Years ago I read in an Apple publication that the next model’s name would be “Aladdin”, yet a further American species.

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When I get a new Mac I name the HD the unique Serial Number listed in “About This Mac”. One less click when talking to Apple Care.

I wonder… if Apple doesn’t use “Macintosh” any more, could they be in danger of losing the trademark? From what I know, if you don’t use it, you can lose it.

The first thing I do whenever I get a new Mac is I immediately rename its drive to C:\


Actually, I never bothered with renaming and so I still enjoy Macintosh HD. I like the nostalgia. Good times. :slight_smile:

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We have 4 Macs in the house and to keep them straight on my network, I named each drive so that I can tell exactly which model Mac it is. For instance, my son’s laptop SSD is named MBP13E2011, for his early 2011 MacBook Pro 13in.

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ah-HA!!! I’m not the only one who enjoys old times :slight_smile:


For years (since my Macs began having hard disks in the early 90s), I named my disks after the moons of Saturn and later, Jupiter, partly in honor of the great jazz musician Sun Ra — “I know I’m a member of the ancient race, my home is somewhere in outer space” — who always claimed he was from Saturn.

Moons of Saturn - Wikipedia

Moons of Jupiter - Wikipedia

I also use “HD”. Two macs, two names for their hard drives (which are SSDs)
MacBookProHD and iMacHD. Keeping names different is handy for backup and for addressing one mac’s drive from the other (like for moving files).

Incidentally, do your readers know that the name “Macintosh” was chosen as it is an American species of apple?

True, but the actual spelling of the apple would be McIntosh.

Canada needs a shoutout here. The McIntosh apple is actually originally Canadian:

The McIntosh Apple

although the man who discovered it was an American who emigrated to Canada.

That said, apparently the McIntosh apple was Jef Raskin’s favorite and that is what caused him to name the project “Macintosh.”

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Ah, Macintosh SSD here on my old, upgraded MacBook Pro!

Regarding “Macintosh”, ISTR there being a trademark issue in the early days due to an audio equipment company called McIntosh. Wasn’t there a squabble when Macintoshes started including audio capabilities, or did it come even earlier?

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I always name my «Disk» with my Name (abbrev.: mho), my Mac model (MacBook Pro) and the disk type (actual an NVMe). Therefore, my disk name is mhoMBPNVMe.

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I still rename my boot disk for one simple reason: I work at the command line enough that having a space in the volume name is a pain. However, I don’t recommend changing the name once you have significant data on it, since I have had some aliases break when migrating systems.

The place where I still see the Macintosh name is on my desk at work: I use the cases from two Power Macintosh 6100/60 computers as stands for my dual displays.


Yep, McIntosh is pretty well known. I’d never heard anything about Aladdin, though, and I can’t find it on this list of apple cultivars.

Cornell University has a major orchard and pomology department so we hear a lot about apples around here. :slight_smile:

This is true, though I doubt anyone would want to go up against Apple Legal. I wouldn’t be surprised if these few vestigial uses are to keep the trademark active.

I’ve always used characters from Frank Baum’s Oz books: Scarecrow, TinMan, Glass Cat, Ruggedo, etc. It’s my way of keeping lots of external drives straight, as well as a bit of childhood nostalgia—a good thing for an old man. And, as a name for my avatar on many things, I’ve used Tik-tok (long before there was a social media thing).

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