The Most Twisted (Pair) Adapter Cable You’ve Ever Seen

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Dongles get a bad rep, but as this video shows, they can accomplish some pretty impressive things.

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And I thought I had too much time on MY hands. PLEASE hide this video from Apple engineers!!!

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Why did he stop? Did he not have an attic? I do NOT recommend running cable (Cat 6) in the attic at this time of year, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, as I did last week so my Grand could get a better than WiFi signal… :sweat: :crazy_face:

…aaaaand YouTube still can’t play back a 5 minute video, stopping at 2:35 and churning for 10 minutes. Still haven’t seen the rest.

That’s an odd problem. Have you tried a different Web browser? What about on a different device, if you have others?