The 46 Mac Apps I Actually Use and Why

Speaking of apps we cannot do without, I’ve been using Eagle for the past few months (don’t get it confused with EagleFiler). I discovered this app purely by accident.

Although it’s being touted as an image organizer, it also works beautifully to store and organize all your documents. It’s a perfect place to keep your bills, receipts, notes, etc. About the only drawback is it does not have an iOS version. But they’re supposedly working on it.

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I didn’t think anybody would still remember the IBM 650! Was working on it in the early ‘60s!

While currently working on a fairly big project I’ve re-discovered Things. It’s expensive - and you have to pay 3 times for Mac, iPad and iPhone - but there’s a simple elegance about it that just works. I’ve tried using Apple’s Reminders but we just don’t get along.

I wouldn’t say Things would be the first app I’d install on a new Mac, but for the way I’m using it, it’s been extremely helpful.

There are a couple of apps that I typically install on new personal machines. I’ll mention Snagit in particular. It’s marketed as a screen capture/recording app, but I mostly use it to annotate screenshots and other PNG/JPG files. I find that it is a super convenient and fast way to mark up images with arrows, borders, text, and so on. I use it several times a week without fail.

Every time I return to Things I am reminded of just how good it is.

It’s not my day to day, a todo list in Agenda takes care of that, but for a large project I can definitely see myself using it.