TextExpander 7.0

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Major update that brings improvements and a new streamlined interface to the snippet editor. ($34.95 new, free update, 38.9 MB, macOS 10.14+)

Anyone else underwhelmed with TextExpander’s progress since they switched to a subscription model? These features feel like minor enhancements to existing features.

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I’ve been underwhelmed by them for nearly a decade.

Years ago their tech support repeatedly mistreated me, when I was trying to helpfully report bugs.

I got sick of their attitude and buggy software and after some research found Typinator.

I bought a copy about 10 minutes after trying it, and I’ve been a happy user ever since.

At the time their flexible Quick Search function was the clincher.

The folks at Ergonis have been nothing but helpful whenever I’ve reported problems or made suggestions.

They don’t use a subscription model, and their upgrade cycles are generous.



I stopped updating TextExpander several years ago when they broke super- and subscripts. It looks like Typinator will meet all my needs. Thanks!

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Yes, Typinator is fantastic. Easy to use, never a problem, regularly updated and Ergonis is excellent. And, yes, NOT being a subscription program is a major +. I left TextExpander when they went subscription and I was having constant trouble with the app.

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