Terminology: Where Word Explorations Begin

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2019/06/27/terminology-where-word-explorations-begin/

Do you ever hear a word you don’t know or struggle to find the perfect synonym? If so, the Terminology iOS app might be for you. It’s a great place to start a word search and, with its extensible actions, you’re likely to find what you need.

This sounds like a program that’s precisely what I need–unfortunately, 98 percent of my writing is done in the Mac OS…I’ll download the iOS version and buy the Pro upgrade to support the developer, but I’d love the feature-rich version for Mac OS…

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The regular macOS Dictionary has a quite usable thesaurus.

I’d love to see the full version on the Mac too. Maybe with the advent of Catalyst and Swift UI, Agile Tortoise will bring it to the Mac?

Just one data point. I came across the word “cougar” in a novel. WordWeb has “a middle-aged woman who seeks the (often sexual) companionship of younger men”, which was the sense meant in the book, as a second definition. Terminology has only the animal.

The question is, can you add WordWeb as a source to Terminology if you have the pro version.

Wordweb is an app rather than a web service. Terminology does offer custom actions in the Pro version but I don’t think WordWeb, primarily a Windows application, implemented a x-callback URL.