Tech world vs. Ponzi scheme, take 2

Not everyone has the same information, and even if they do, they may assess it differently. Netflix’s revelation about its subscriber numbers removed some uncertainty about where the company stood, causing the price to fall.

I agree that in the short term, investors often act irrationally, which can cause wild swings in the price of a stock or the market as a whole, and the after-the-fact explanations from financial pundits are a bunch of hot air. That’s why I think investing in stocks for the short term is really just gambling. In the long run, though, the market does tend to correct and reflect the underlying value of businesses.

My two sons came home for the weekend and one topic of conversation they raised was dropping Netflix and looking elsewhere, The only show people had on their watch list there was the new series of Russian Doll.

Mine is “Travelers” and once that is done, Netflix will most probably have to go.
Officially I retired three years ago but I’m still at work here in Belgium. Partly because I love what I do but also because my pension is far from sufficient to cover my every day living costs. With inflation skyrocketing I will have to reconsider some choices. One of them is work even more to maintain things I don’t really need (like Netflix and other subscriptions) or go back to lending more books and cd’s ( libraries are cheap) and enjoy the rest of my days. Not a hard choice to make.