T-Mobile Offers Subscribers a Free Year of Apple TV+

Here’s an interesting acquisition for Apple Music:

“In the meantime, current Primephonic subscribers will receive six months of Apple Music for free, including its library of Lossless and high-resolution audio, as well as hundreds of classical albums in Apple Music’s Spatial Audio.”

If Apple is willing to expand their already tremendously successful Music catalog via acquisition, why not do the same to build up poor little struggling TV+?

Got an email today from T-Mobile saying “Free AppleTV+”. I followed the links, and at about the sixth step it said “You are not eligible because of your plan”. Seems like they would know that when they send out the emails!

They probably want you to switch to a new plan and pay more for it.

That’s certainly idea, but from experience with Take Control, where we worked really hard to send the right email to the right people, it’s often exceedingly difficult to identify precisely who should and should not receive a message. As @MMTalker suggests, it’s often just easiest to spend less time trying to target the message and instead consider it a nudge to switch to from an obsolete plan to a current one.

Update (for anyone who is considering switch t-mobil plans). I took the plunge: I updated my T-mobile One 55+ plan ($70/mo for two lines) to T-mobile Magenta 55+ (also $70/mo). I did it online. T-mobile held the change until the beginning of my next billing period. After the change was effective, I was able to get a year of Apple TV+ for free instantly. (My subscription expiration date was extended to 7/2023 from 7/2022).

In addition, the new plan includes Netflix (basic) for free. I have Netflix 4k so T-mobile is playing $8.99 per mo and raising my t-mobil bill by $9/mo to cover the rest of the $17.99 fee. New result, 1 year of AppleTV+, and reduction of my Netflix bill by 50%. My new T-mobile bill is $79/mo but I no longer am paying $17.99/mo to Netflix.

(Note: Prices above include $10/mo discount for autopay.)

There were really no downsides that I am aware of.

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