System update weirdness

(Jeremy Roussak) #1

A friend has a MacBook Pro, 2013 version. She’s been running 10.9 (Mavericks). Last night she tried to update the system to High Sierra, with every outward sign of success.

The App Store Updates page now says that High Sierra is installed. The problem is that it’s not: her Mac is running Mavericks. I’ve tried restarting and restarting from the recovery volume but it stays as Mavericks and the App Store continues to maintain that High Sierra is installed.

I’m stumped. Any help gratefully received.

Jeremy Roussak

[email protected]

(Neil Laubenthal) #2

Did she run the installer? The App Store says it’s installed if the installer has been downloaded to /Applications…but she needs to go there and run the app to do the install…it usually auto launches after downloading but she may not have seen it do so.


(Jeremy Roussak) #3

Spot on, Neil!


(Neil Laubenthal) #4

Ahhh…that was an easy one.