Syncing or Not Syncing Safari Bookmarks

I thought these would automatically sync between macbook air, macbook pro, macpro, iOS, etc. if they were all signed into same iCloud acct. But, the order of them is inconsistent. Is there a way to sync Bookmarks in Safari to they are in same order etc across all devices? Thank you.

That is the way it’s supposed to work. Unfortunately, I see the same issue where sorting changes between different devices. Despite the latest Monterey on Mac and iOS 15 on iPhone, bookmark order is not maintained between devices. No amount of relaunching Safari or turning on/off iCloud for Safari is able to fix it. I hope Apple at least manages to fix the bug with either iOS 16 or Ventura.


At this point, I’m just happy they’re syncing at all. (For the most part, it works. Until it doesn’t, then it’s the old turn off safari sync on as many devices as you can, then turn it back on one device at a time.)