Switching from Lightroom

I’m an obsessed amateur, nearly all film and importing large scans in many formats from half frame to 10x8. I used LR happily, but grew tired of the expense, and updates that often took over the CPU. Switched to Affinity Photo and made the effort to learn to use it (it’s like PS rather than LR). For a DAM I started with NeoFinder, but eventually swapped to Photos. Most of my work is B&W, and between Photos and Silver Efex Pro I rarely have get into Affinity Photo. The only downside to using Photos as a DAM is that it cannot store the Affinity native .afphoto files, although it is happy with the similar .psd files from PS (NeoFinder can). And even though you can’t access the intermediate steps as you can in LR, Photos is performing non-destructive editing and the unchanged original can be exported no matter what you’ve done to it in the meantime.


I wanted to follow up on this thread I started. Didn’t get lost in the ether, but I haven’t had time to pursue anything yet. As we head into the colder and shorter days and I spend more time inside, I hope to check out some of the options that were mentioned here, and will report back on what I find, as it seemed there was interest from a number of people.

Thanks everyone.

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