Surprised by Apple fast delivery promise

I ordered my MacBook Pro Max 15 minutes after the Apple event. I got delivery on 10 Nov to 17 Nov as an estimate. Many people on the internet seem to report 5 days for delivery. This morning I was pessimistically thinking that I would receive it on the 16.

To my great surprise, my wife told me this morning that she could see Apple had debited our account today. One hour later I got a mail with delivery expected tomorrow. I got a tracking number on DHL, but they do not “know” about it yet. My guess is that it has already arrived in Amsterdam and will be on a plane to Oslo, Norway this evening. I live a 1 hour drive from DHL facility in Oslo.

Although I am a fan of Migration Assistant, my plan is to not move any apps or system files over from my old MacBook Pro (mid 2015). There are far too many applications I will not need. I will have to move over some system files manually, like PDF presets and ICC-profiles and color settings. I know where most of them are located. All the files I work with are on a separate partition on the MacBook Pro (mid 2015) so that is just a copy job which I will do with rsync. I have a Samsung SSD filled with 44 applications I will copy into the Application folder and a checklist of about fifteen apps from App Store and Adobe.

I will split the 1gig disk on the new mac in two just like on the old one. I find this very convenient because you can, if needed, have two different MacOS to boot to and have a dedicated disk for current jobs. Now with APFS I wonder if I should partition it or make an additional APFS Volume…

I had a similar experience. My order was slated to be delivered Nov 9–16. Yesterday, the status finally changed to “preparing to ship,” so I was expecting the MBP would leave China today or tomorrow and would show up here sometime next week. This morning, I received an email saying it would be delivered tomorrow. Apparently, the computer is not in China but already in a nearby warehouse and being delivered by a local delivery service overnight.


My delivery is supposed to be 30 Nov–7 Dec and I got a text from DHL this morning saying they had my package from Apple! It’s already been picked up in China. I have to migrate from a couple 32-but apps and thought I had plenty of time. Need to move quickly now so the new laptop doesn’t sit around doing nothing when it arrives. :grimacing:

I recommend doing some research as I don’t think dual boot will work on ARM Macs (or is it Monterey?) if you just make a volume. I seem to remember hearing about this in the last year. To have a dual boot system I think you have to split the drive up in a particular way. Howard Oakley has done lots of investigation on this kind of thing, so might be worth having a look through

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I realise this might be a moving target, but according to Macworld Dual Boot was possible in Monterey beta. There is a nice HOWTO here: I will not discover if it works before 2023 since I always wait a bit before I upgrade.

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I’m in Australia and received mine around a week earlier than first estimated - maybe they’re setting delivery dates a little longer knowing they may be able to exceed expectations.

On migration, I seem to recall many years ago when migrating allowed you a more granular list of what you wanted to migrate. Id love to be able to select specific Apps and folders rather than the current ‘all or nothing’ method. Enjoy the new machine.


I didn’t experience all or nothing. I was able to choose separately between user accounts, system settings, apps, documents, etc. Sure, I couldn’t select a single app vs. another, but I’d say the present system is definitely far beyond “all or nothing”.

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It has been part of my job to test new software and support several versions until recently. I have used and like Migration Assistant a lot. After having successfully used it many times I can recommend it to all. But now my goal was to start clean. I now have “only” 106 applications. I guess I will have 120 before I am finished. That is down from 170.

Now I have the same number of mails in and have provoked all iCloud files to download to the mac. The size of ~/Library in my old is 71 GB and new Macbook Pro has 38 GB. Nice! I have had no application crashes. The only thing I am not happy about is that Alfred and Itsycal that I have added to my user account “Login Items” do not start up on login. I guess I will have to use Launchd.

I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. Part of wanting a clean install is to rid myself of cruft built up over the years and if Migration Assistant did that I’d be happy to use it.

Similar to P.Boersting I’ve only moved over the items I needed for the new machine. My Applications folder has dropped from 163 items to 76. If I’d migrated I’d have the prefs, folders, plists and executables from around 90 apps I didn’t need.

Same for the User folders. Sure I can turn off Pictures, Music, Movies etc but i can’t be more granular and turn off enclosed folders or items inside. Then there’s the Other Files and Folders with basically no explanation of what that includes.

I’m not suggesting Migration Assistant is completely useless but, if you want to use a new machine as a catalyst to a good clean out, then Migration Assistant falls short.

I don’t disagree with that per se, but I believe the usual advice has been that if you intend to use “a new machine as a catalyst to a good clean out”, you should actually migrate manually.