Suppressing the 32-bit app warning

I have posted elsewhere why I intend to keep using 32-bit apps. I have been tolerating the “this app is not optimized for your Mac” message that pops up regularly but I am looking for a way to disable it because I have some automations that halt when the message appears (eg Eye TV recording & my screen snapshot Applescript).

I found these tips

But one of the posts says it doesn’t work anymore.
Is there a way?

If that defaults write command doesn’t work anymore, I’m not sure there’s another way to suppress it.

My only thought is that you could use something like Keyboard Maestro which can automatically run some action after an app launches.

For example, you could have a macro run after each app launch which waits 1-2 seconds and then presses the “OK” button, if one is found.

That’s far from ideal, however.

Thanks for the Keyboard Maestro tip but the alert doesn’t always appear and I don’t want to automatically “OK” whatever the app is waiting for when it starts up.
I will keep searching the web for tips…but this page now comes near the top of DuckDuckGo search results!