SuperDuper 3.1.6

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Maintenance release for the drive-cloning and backup app brings improvements and bug fixes. ($27.95 new, free update, 5.8 MB)

When I check for updates my SuperDuper gives me the message “You are running version 111 which is the latest version.” What can you tell me about this? This is confusing!

I get the same thing, but when I do “About SuperDuper!” it says “Version 3.1.7 (v111)”. So, yeah, confusing but it appears that “Version 3.1.7” and “v111” might mean the same thing.


It’s just that 3.1.7 is a new version since we wrote about 3.1.5 and 3.1.6 that was just released. It’s worth upgrading but not interesting enough that we’d write about it. Here are the release notes:

Version 3.1.7 (v111) , May 17, 2018
Bug Fixes

  • Drives now eject on quit more reliably
  • Destination pop-up no longer goes blank in some situations when the drive is erased
  • Improved error handling for read only disk image locations
  • Further verifies application and helper integrity to fix a potential security exploit (thanks to Thomas Chauchefoin for the report)

ADAM–Since May 17, 2018 there has been five revisions. The current update is 3.2.3. I like the fact that SuperDuper is the first cloning utility to update when a new MacOS system comes out. Great support. Been using it for many years

Yep. Most recently we covered version 3.2. We don’t cover every truly minor revision to apps, so there can appear to be jumps in our coverage.