Strange Things in Sonoma Mail

Ok, I upgraded SpamSieve to 3.0 and then updated to Sonoma on my M1 MBP and everything is up to date. All was copacetic in Mail for several weeks but then today I see down in the bottom left pane where it shows you activity (and the same thing shows up in the Activity Window) that Moving Messages is active and it’s at 4,000something of 7,000,000something and the moved messages updates every 10 seconds or so the of xxx part updates by a couple hundred every few seconds.

There are actually less than 50K messages total in all mailboxes.

The Moving Messages Activity stays there all the time but Copying or Downloading or Sending or Moving 1 or 1 and other similar numbers shows up in Activity as I do things I’m Mail.

Rebooting and relaunching Mail didn’t do anything.

Haven’t really changed anything in Mail lately but did review Settings and see nothing that might have caused this and have verified that I have the latest version of SpamSieve.

Has anybody else seen anything like this?