Strange CC contact in received Gmail

I sent an email to my wife from my Gmail account to her Gmail account using Mail on my Mac. She read the email on her iPhone using Mail in iOS. (We’re currently living in different parts of the country.) She does not have a computer.

She reported that there was a cc contact appearing in the email she received, yet I did not cc anyone in the email I sent. What’s interesting is the cc contact shows 2 mobile phone numbers, one of which is actually my mobile number. The other mobile number I don’t recognize, and it doesn’t exist in my contacts. It has a +7 country code (Russia). She sent me a screenshot of the contact that appeared.

So, maybe someone’s been hacked?

I looked at the full header of the email I sent in Mail on my Mac. I don’t see anything. But I don’t know if there is a way to see full headers in iOS. Maybe in Cloud, but she is not tech savvy, and that would be a challenge.

Suggestions on how to research this further, and what to do. Can she send my email back to me as an attachment? Can she see something in the web version of Gmail?

Maybe she can forward the email to you (without the CC!) and the headers will be retained?
In any case I would avoid using gmail for confidential/personal stuff. Strange that phone numbers are included instead of emails.

Yes, I think that she can display the full email headers of the Gmail that she received from you by using Gmail’s web interface via Safari on her iPhone.

Just have her launch Safari on her iPhones and follow these instructions. Obviously it will take some dexterity to do so.

Perhaps you can walk her through it remotely via a screen share.

Can you access the Gmail web site for her account on your computer yourself? I’d start a private safari window (so no permanent cookie would be set - it may start being confusing on your machine if two accounts are logged in when you want to use your own Google account) and you’d probably have to coordinate the two factor login, but that would let you look at things directly.

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