Stop Using Your 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro

I’m afraid there’s a similiar problem (albeit of smaller magnitude) even for those of us who can take it to an Apple store. They will quote you 5 business days as if your MacBook were some kind of fashion gizmo you could easily be without for many days. They’ll then say it usually turns around quicker (and it often does), but that’s the official party line.

I have in the past sometimes been successful in saying, “no, you guys get the part first, tell me when to bring it in, and then a few hours later I pick it up”. That has worked and some of their reps have been very understanding about the situation and really tried to help. But it’s always them going the extra mile, officially Apple doesn’t do that. It’s as if Apple as a company fails to realize that a lot of people use these machines for actual work and depend on their availability and uptime (and hence Macs in the first place, duh :wink: ). Of course you could pay for a loaner and transfer all your data, but if that’s going to take a few hours I’d rather they just get the repair done in those few hours. And it usually is on that order since this is not component level fixes. It’s swapping a component that they usually identify quite quickly and then testing. So the bulk of the wait is getting the part and/or shipping of your Mac. And no, getting people on some kind of corporate contract is not a solution. If customers wanted that they’d have gone to IBM. FTR, I’ve dealt with some great reps who went above and beyond to make turnaround quick and something you can plan around. It’s that that was all their own personal effort rather than official Apple policy (that I’d also pay extra for) that I dislike.

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As @Simon suggests, the best workaround would be to buy a new MacBook Pro, use it for 2 weeks, and then return it. My understanding is that Apple Store employees sometimes even recommend this approach. I wonder what the support reps would suggest if you explained that you cannot be without your computer for 14 days?

California Boat Fire: Coast Guard issues emergency bulletin - Los Angeles Times

A standout among the new rules is this:

— Reduce potential fire hazards and consider limiting the unsupervised charging of lithium-ion batteries and extensive use of power strips and extension cords.

That fits with my own hunch that the ongoing investigation will conclude that a defective lithium battery (like for a camera, cellphone, or laptop) was responsible for this tragedy.

The one in my 2015 MacBook Pro was beyond scary (grotesquely deformed top case), but they needn’t be so obviously swollen to be a risk. Mine wasn’t even on the recall list!

Also be aware that you cannot fly with any 2015 MacBook Pro without providing convincing evidence that yours is either exempt from the recall or has already had its battery replaced.

I had mine replaced by an Apple authorized service center in Santa Barbara called Mobile Kangaroo. Excellent, one-day service.

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At least with a boat fire you can toss it in the water easily. :wink:

Sorry, Adam, that was in poor taste due to the tragic fire off Catalina Island where 29 people died trapped BELOW deck.

34 died of smoke inhalation. If the ignition source turns out to have been a faulty battery, then if the night watchman had been awake he might have tossed the ignition source overboard. But it seems the entire crew was asleep, with all the passengers below decks on the other side of the fire.

The source of ignition is still unknown, but because the fire may have started where all the phones and cameras, etc. were charging, Lithium-ion is currently a prime suspect.

Apologies if that seemed insensitive—I didn’t read the linked article beforehand. At least on airplanes there’s a lot of safety training and alert crew, neither of which seems to have been the case here.