Stop Renting Your Cable Modem: Buy One Instead

(David Ross) #41

I think Spectrum now requires a business service for a static IP. Or AT&T. Or both. I haven’t checked in a year or so. But Spectrum does for sure.

(David Ross) #42

You may be one of the few (relatively) people in the US with a pair of copper wires running all the way back to the CO. Or the battery in your local pod may not have run down. Or the power wasn’t out to the pod. Or ….

Copper back to the CO is dead. It just isn’t dying everywhere all at once.

(David Ross) #43

Sorry but there are no “bits” flowing down your wires. There are a bunch of modulated radio signals that have to be decoded into the ones and zeros fed out of the modem. Now it does get a bit odd because in a classical sense of how we think of modems, Ethernet over wire requires a modem at each end of the wire. So your cable modem decodes the singles coming over the cable internally into 1s and 0s in the CPU system inside of the modem then feeds it into the Ethernet chip set that encodes those 1s and 0s into a different set of radio frequencies and modulation methods to ship it over the wire. Then your router or computer decodes again. And so on and the singals flow around the universe.

Anytime you have more than a voltage or current up and down on a single or bundle of wires you have a modem.

(B. Jefferson Le Blanc) #44

I stand corrected.