St Clair's upgrade to Default Folder 6.0 just released does not honor the TidBITS upgrade discount

Just upgraded to the new Default Folder 6.0 Unfortunately while offering an upgrade price to previous version it ignores the TidBITS Default Folder membership upgrade discount code and the initial upgrade price remains the same.

You wanted to get a TidBITS discount on top of the upgrader discount?

It does say you can:

" Save $10 on new purchases (coupon code XXXXXX ) and $5 on upgrades (coupon code XXXXXXX1 ). St. Clair Software’s utility enhances macOS Open and Save dialogs for faster navigation."

True but it did not work

According to what was posted I should have been able to. Is it wrong not to afford yourself the opportunity to save money? Why post it if the developer is not willing to offer it.

I would contact the developer over posting here. He’s very responsive and if there’s an error somewhere he’s best placed to fix it.


I’ll look into it. Most TidBITS member deals are long-standing affairs set up years ago, so it’s not uncommon for a developer to upgrade to a different payment processing system and forget to move all the old coupons over.


@jweil Jon Gotow fixed the coupon for me, so it should be working now. Give it another try.


Thank You. It was not the money but the fact that it was not working. I have already purchased the update at the standard update price and choosing not to pursue it as for $5 it make no sense for me. Developers has enough issues in having to deal with Apple, with their software bugs that they almost always blame of the developers, and some of their preditory behavior. The seem to love to bite the hand that feeds them.

paid upgrades for these indy developers are typically few & far between. Between this, Bartender, and SpamSieve, it’s been a spendy week, but they’ve all earned it.


I agree. But when discounts are offered as a paid member benefit, they should be honored or they should not be offered. In this case it was a logistical error but I had no way of knowing this when I paid the full upgrade price. With assistance with my input the issue has been resolved so now other members are now able to utilize it which I was not able to do at the time. This did not benefit me in any way but it has benefited others, which was the intention. I this case the developer chose to fix the offer rather than to remove it which they had a choice of doing. This demonstrates to me that they are, unlike the current Apple, a customer focused company instead of a profit focused company which has increased my loyalty and respect for them. That is how you build a really great company. In the words of Stephen Covey, you treat your customers as volunteers, as that is what they are. They volunteer to buy your products or services.

It is this kind of response and customer focus that builds respect and loyalty which in the long-term increases profits, and insures the long-term viability of the company.