Spam Sieve Color Tags

I have been using Spam Sieve for years and really like the product

With a recent update I now see that the messages in the Spam folder are colored.

Is there significance in the colors (so far I’ve seen two)?

If so, what do they represent AND how to understand / manage?



Calling @mjtsai!


I sent just the above 6 characters plus a space (maybe) and the reply bounced. Too Short it said

Hope this is long enough


The information is on their website:

I’ve noticed the colors myself for a long time now.

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Thanks. Hadn’t seen seen this in the update messages. May have been there


Sorry that I’m only seeing this thread now. As Doug noted, the message background colors are explained here. This feature has been in place since 2004, and I don’t think there have been any recent changes to how it works. The last few versions of SpamSieve have instead tweaked the color of the message text.

Thanks. Had missed the fact and just happened to see the colors. I usually mainly look to see if a good message got tagged. Has never happened with Spam Sieve but has with Apple’s filter