So no SlackBITS (or any other Slack) with hidden email?

I’ve never really been into Slack and since the whole UC System AFAIK is a Google shop, we don’t do it at work either. But I figured out of curiosity I might check into SlackBITS just to see about what @ace mentioned.

And then I figured I might as well use this to also test “Sign up with Apple” and try their hidden email address thingy. The first time around it failed outright. The second time around Slack gave me some attitude about not accepting hidden email sign-up and to use my “work email” instead.

Anybody have the background scoop on this? Is it just Slack? And what’s so bad about Apple’s hidden email? Does it simply threaten their monetization (i.e. turning me into the product) or is there more to it?

Not really important, just curious.

It seems odd that Slack would include Sign Up With Apple if they knew it wasn’t going to work. Feels more like a temporary problem to me.

I’m still unsure what I think about the Sign Up With Apple option and using a hidden email address that Apple forwards. I’m not really sure what it gets me since I’m not shy about having my email address in public anyway. It hasn’t ever been a problem, but without knowing that it’s helping, it’s hard to feel enthused about using it.

Salesforce bought Slack a little over a year ago:

It’s probably one of the worst things that could have happened to Google as well as to Microsoft; Slack is now an extremely serious competitor on equal footing to them both. Customer relationship, internal business analytics and management, and online video conferencing is even more impactful now that working remotely is becoming more prevalent among business of all shapes, types and sizes.

At the time, I was surprised Adobe didn’t try to bid for Slack.