So care to detail, where did that go?

The latest annoyance I discovered within Apple’s “content” sphere is that Music on Mac sorts playlists by title differently than Music on iPhone. On the Mac (Catalina) sort by title means playlist 1 comes before playlist A, but on the iPhone (iOS 13.6.1) it’s the exact opposite. How about Apple decide on what sort by playlist title means and then stick to that across all their devices?

Here’s another one.

This time in the TV app. If you watch the pilot of a series and then want to buy the entire season you’re quoted a discounted price to “complete the season”. In iTunes and Mojave that actually worked just fine. In the new Catalina TV app it’s thoroughly broken. You will be quoted a discounted price and then invoiced for the full cost of the season. At first I thought this might be a random event, but I’ve just had it happen for the third time now.

Good thing I was armed with screenshots to prove it and all. Apple ended up reimbursing me for the entire season (instead of the just the pilot as I had suggested). I’d prefer they fix the bug than pay for my content. But hey, free stuff. I’ll take it if they insist. :wink:

Just happened again. I keep telling them about the bug. They keep refunding, but the bug doesn’t actually get fixed. It’s just a bad user experience. You don’t go quoting a discounted price, then charge full price, and expect users to come back begging for a refund. That’s unworthy of Apple, it’s a Comcast-level customer experience. :wink: