Siri no longer recognizes "&"

I have my parents in my contacts as “Mom & Dad”. I’ve never been able to say “Call Mom”, I always have to say “call mom and dad home” but it hasn’t worked for the last few months. I am guessing that Siri is not recognizing the “&” anymore.

I’m also having random issues when wearing headphones. I can never say send a text to John because it wants the phone unlocked. I can however say “reply to John” and 9 times out of 10 that works, but the 10th time it wants the phone unlocked.

Anyway - thoughts on the “&” ?


Siri gets older, and, at least for me, more intrusive, but NOT much more intelligent. I’m an old guy, so I wear hearing aids that supposedly are intelligent (tap your non-dominant ear once and they’ll do one thing; tap twice for another, press for a third response.

Problem is, most of what I do is absent-minded scratching, and that summons Siri to some HILARIOUS private intrusions (my ears only) into public conversations.

I had a similar problem with & and Siri years ago. Siri dials via your Contacts info, and try setting up a contact just for Mom Dad with no &.

I presume you mean “and” not “ampersand.”

What’s likely happening is that Siri is interpreting the request as including two different contacts. That is, someone called “Mom” plus someone called “Dad.”

I have them in my contacts as “Mom & Dad” and I’ve always been able to say call “Mom and Dad”

I just said call “mom ampersand dad” and that worked.

I then said call “mom and dad” and this time it brought up a box asking if this was what I meant, with their contact info and I could select cancel or call.

Siri still needs a lot of work :(


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Thanks for the follow-up. That confirms my conjecture about ambiguousness. I see this is as an example of Siri getting smarter, not dumber. But if you want to avoid this in the future, now you know why it’s tripping things up.

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