Siri has my wrong address

(Diane D) #1

In the past few months, asking Siri to get me home is sending me 30 miles west of my actual location. It’s not even the correct address, but close.

i.e. say my correct address is 100 Main St
She is sending me to 100 E Main St 5-6 towns away. The zip code isn’t even close. I am never in that town either.

Most of the time, when I ask her to remind me to do something when I arrive home, she uses the correct address, but I have found the same wrong one in there a couple of times too. I use that feature a lot.

My contact info is correct, including zip code, and the map on my contact card is correct.

I searched for the offending address on my phone and except for a couple of random reminders, it doesn’t exist.

If I look at the map when I ask her to get me “home”, there is a pin called “Home” and that’s where she’s sending me.

Any suggestions on fixing this? It typically doesn’t bother me but last week I was in an unfamiliar area and it put me on a minor highway I’m not used to, in the wrong direction. I ended up getting stuck going through the city at rush hour to get back. And I don’t understand why it used to work and doesn’t any more.

I have not yet tried to delete and re-enter my contact card.

I have rebooted my phone. I have not applied the latest update (iPhone SE) but it’s been going on since late winter.


(Dave Scocca) #2

Can you delete that pin? Tap it, choose “edit location”, and there should be a delete option at the bottom of the screen.


(Diane D) #3

I only see the pin in Maps when I ask for directions. Is there another way to find it?

I can’t find a way to delete it from there. It is not a favorite.

I can Create a New Contact, Add to Existing or Report an Issue


(Paul Schinder) #4

Given that it’s a phone with GPS and cell tower location abilities and the typical troubles I have with Siri on the HomePod (almost never use it anywhere else), I’d guess that Siri isn’t hearing you correctly. Remember that Siri is in the cloud, not on your phone, so sometimes it seems to be slow or simply incorrect the first time. (Ask it exactly the same thing again, and it works.) I’ve had trouble with my MacBook Pro at times, where if I go to an airline site to make a reservation it decides I’m in Harrisburg, 90 miles away. But a phone shouldn’t do that since it should be getting its location directly (rather than from a database of WiFi IP addresses and locations). So maybe change your Siri request, instead of “take me home” say “take me to my home” or actually say the full address.


The new contact worked for me when Siri messed up a place I had been to a few tines before. I deleted the old one before replacing it.

(Dave Scocca) #6

A second possibility–when you are in Maps with the search bar at the bottom, and you slide up to see the list of previous destinations, does the incorrect “home” location show there? If so, you can swipe left on that line and tap “remove” to take it out of your search history, which might clear things up.

(Diane D) #7

Dave - yes it was there! I deleted it and I will see if it works tomorrow. Thanks!