Siri automation for AnyList is broken

After years of struggling with paper lists, AnyList finally gave us a solution to having a categorized, ordered, multi-person grocery list for our family. Plus, it works quite well for ToDo lists.

Even better, they have a built-in feature that lets me tell Siri “Grocery”, at which point it prompts me for what to add to a particular list, and then adds it (categorized by aisle in the store, which are themselves ordered). Very handy. I also configured “Remind Me” to add entries to my personal ToDo list.

But sometime around the past few weeks, after asking what I want to add to the list, Siri just started say “Sorry, could you say that again?”. Of course, it doesn’t matter how many times you say it. And it behaves that way on my iPhone in a silent environment, so my initial use case, using CarPlay on a loud road, can’t be blamed.

Finally, I reached out to the dev, who confirmed this is a known issue (I wish they had let us know proactively, though). He did supply a workaround, though I haven’t tried it yet:

Unfortunately, there appears to be a bug in iOS 16.4 - 16.5 that prevents Siri from working as expected with shortcuts. You should still be able to use this command, though, which doesn’t require a shortcut:

  • “Hey, Siri, using AnyList, add to .”

If Siri doesn’t respond as expected to that command, try this one:

  • “Hey, Siri, add to my list in AnyList.”

Hopefully, Apple will resolve this issue soon.

Maybe you’re dealing with this and it will help!

AnyList reached out to me that Apple fixed the issue in iOS 16.6.

I upgraded and confirmed it’s working again. Yay!

Adding stuff to your todo or shopping lists using Siri is a huge productivity feature. How many times are you driving when you think of things you have to make sure not to forget? Or it’s just an unnecessary hassle to open the app, find the right list, and type it in?

Have a great day!

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This broke again a couple months ago, btw. AnyList claims it’s an Apple bug again. I told them it seems odd to me that they would fix a bug like this and then fairly promptly break it again.

Unfortunately, being able to add reminders, todos, groceries, shopping list items, and many things from my car or watch (via Siri), which is highly productive, is broken again.