Simple address label app?

I’m looking for an macOS app that will allow me to print a single address label. Something along the lines of Ambrosia’s EasyEnvelopes, but for labels, not envelopes. I currently use an ancient version of SoHo Labels but that app is crashy and abandoned.

I use a Brother QL-500 Label Printer, which is also abandoned, but still works via open source drivers. I print only one label at a time, not bunches and bunches, and I don’t need to print DVD or other types of labels that are inevitably part of the big, expensive label software packages. Brother does offer an app, but it’s an abomination of a Windows port and not at all Mac-like.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Seems like there used to be so many more apps like these in the “old days”. Lately I’ve just brought up an Avery template in Word though - is that an option for you?


I guess as a last resort, but it just feels like using a sledgehammer to drive a nail. But thanks for the fallback, Diane.

I use Dymo with the DYMO LabelManager Plug ’n’ Play Label Maker.


There is a label template in the Print dialog for Contacts.

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Alas, that requires adding the person to Contacts, which is rarely something I want to do. Many of these labels are just one-offs.

All of this sounds a lot more time- and labor-intensive than just handwriting an envelope or label.


Not very helpful, and you can say that about a lot of what we use computers for.

Some of us have chicken scratch for handwriting :frowning:


I don’t know why everyone is into the “used to be” thing. Things haven’t changed. In fact, they are probably better than they ever have been.

There are a boatload of templates for Pages here:

Pages is, of course, free from Apple:

You can search through free Avery templates by using this link:

Microsoft Word includes a label wizard: Tools menu --> Labels (may be different in different versions of Word.)
On top of that, Microsoft has a bunch of free standardized label templates that you can download from their Web site.

LibreOffice (free) has a similar label wizard

Other choices:

PearLableizer (free)

Labels & Addresses ($50)

Swift Publisher ($20)

PrintShop ($70)

GreetingCardCreator ($20)

ClickBook ($50)

Desktop Publisher Pro or Labels and Cards Pro


I haven’t done anything like this in many years, but I remember just using something like open office and setting the page size to the same size as the label. In other words, instead of setting the page to 8.5 x 11, I set it to 3 x 1.5.

Labels & Addresses is an excellent app, especially if you just want to print one label. But it looks like they are not supporting this app any longer. It will probably die when Apple stops supporting 32-bit apps.

That’s a bummer about Labels and Addresses. I’ve used it for years. Fantastic for bulk or one off labels.

I have liked Labels and Addresses too, I contacted their support about upgrading to 64 bit, their reply was that they have no current plans to upgrade L&A but offered a discount if I wished to migrate to Printworks. But Printworks may be overkill for my needs.

I have used an app called Labels and Databases which may, or may not, be published by the same folks as Labels and Addresses and may or may not be 32-bit, but it’s $24.99 and you can download a free trial…

I could talk about Dan Bricklin’s Page Garden if we want to get really nostalgic.

Avery has a free
on line app that does this on their website.

The Avery app(s) are here: if that sort of thing will work for others.

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I appreciate the helpfulness, thank you, but I’m hoping someone who actually uses a Brother label printer has a solution. The situation is different when you’re not printing sheets of labels in a general printer.

I don’t have a solution, but I want to endorse what you just said because I have a Brother QL-570 label printer and it’s the same kind of situation. For those who have not seen them: it’s a thermal printer, the labels come on a roll (with a kind of bar code on the roll holder to tell the printer what size labels are being fed), and most models of the printer have an automatic cutter to deliver the label after it’s printed.

The issues are:

  1. The labels are a bit of an investment (yes, that’s true for most P/S labels, but more so for these printers).
  2. The idea is to make ad hoc, one-off label printing quick and convenient.
  3. As Gordon says, a full-on application like Word or Pages is not only an 800 pound gorilla, but you need drivers to make it understand roll-fed labels.
  4. The software Brother provides is a nightmare, even though it works.

So the question (which I guess I’m hopping on!) is whether there is a lightweight app that supports printing one-off labels when you need them.