Show off HomeKit Room

So I have one room with multiple lamps and HomePod minis. I would like to make a script or some manner of saying “Hey Siri, Showoff the room” and the room would go through light changes, sequential lighting, maybe play some music and if the lights would sync to the music, all that much cooler.

I have the book by Glenn, but my idea gets into other areas. Also I have some Eve, Phillips Hue and Apple products, so not sure how a script would activate each item.

Not an expert here but my best guess is that you create a series of scenes. Each scene has the state of a light, etc. The script then invokes scene after scene.

I would use Shortcuts for this. Create the individual scenes you want to set, and then use Shortcuts to string them together, with a Wait command in between. Here’s a picture of what that would look like.

I should have been more detailed. Yep, but instead of “Floor lamp” you invoke a scene that has

  • Lamp 1 Yellow 20&
  • Lamp 2 Green 50%
  • Play “Hello Dolly” on HomePod
  • etc.

And each scene (after a wait) changes the values.

I did wonder if I didn’t have a wait state if I could get it to flash like lightning.

I will try that out. Thanks!

Yeah, I just used the same floor lamp as an example to not bug the rest of my family. You could insert any accessory or scene.