Shade of green in Messages

Am I going crazy, or did the shade of green used when texting someone who isn’t using an iPhone change? It’s much darker than before.

It could be because I’m using a new iPhone, but I text enough that I think I would have noticed earlier. It’s something that has happened in the last week or so.

Settings / Accessibility / Display & Text Size. Did you by any chance turn on “increase contrast”?

Why yes, I did. That was fast.

My son called me about his mother-in-law having problems seeing certain things on her iPhone like the volume scroll bar. I was looking at certain settings that might help. I didn’t undo those settings. Whoops.

I recommend trying reduce transparency and increase contract. Plus setting the Home Screen background to plain black. I have the background that way in my iPhone. You can’t see the background picture anyway because the icons block it, and all having any background does is make the icons and text harder to read.

Thanks. I noticed it in the last two days, and I didn’t think there was an update to the OS.

Also if you are using an iPad to send and receive ordinary SMS text (a recent feature associated with making phone calls with an iPad on the same wifi network as your iPhone) then the default green is much darker than on the iPhone.

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Yes! I can vouch for the usefulness of both those options, especially since I have astigmatism. But instead of plain black for the Home Screen, I have a beautiful green that’s most soothing to the eye, which also reminds me of spring. Win-win!

For both my very elderly parents, I set the Home Screen to plain black — only because the beautiful green isn’t in their respective camera rolls… But perhaps I’ll text them a ‘photo’ of the plain green, then set that on their iToys when I next go over to visit.