Selectively remove iOS notifications before they clutter your listing

I’m looking for a simple way to stop certain notifications from appearing. Mainly, I see no reason to have notifications pop up from an app I’m currently in and actively interacting with. If I tell Mail to fetch new email (I don’t have push set up for my work mail), I can see new messages coming in as it goes, I don’t need Mail to also throw up a notification banner for each new email while it’s doing that. Similar thing with Wallet — if I’m using Wallet to transfer funds from/to my bank account, I don’t need Wallet to spam me with notifications dropping in from the top that first have to be moved out of the way so I can continue to interact with Wallet.

Now I realize I can turn notifications off for these apps entirely, but that’s not what I want. I still want these apps to notify me while they’re backgrounded, just not in the middle of me trying to interact with them or worse yet, when I trigger in them whatever is about to bring up said notifications.

I also realize that I can set the notifications to auto-disappear (at least after a pause). But this is not really what I want either, because I then end up with a long list of past notifications that serve no purpose, just clogging up what should really be a clean overview of notifications I should deal with later.

So bottom line, is there any way to tell iOS not to send notifications if you’re foregrounded in the app that’s sending them? And if not (which I’m afraid might be the case), is there any way to delete the incoming banner rather than just get it to disappear into the list of pending notifications?

Darn. I was really hoping one of you would be able to point me to a setting I had missed.

With iOS 16 adding so many options for Focus, I’m still surprised a functionality as basic as this (no notifications for foregrounded apps) still appears out of reach.

I don’t know about you guys, but these days in order to stay on top of things, I have to ensure things be kept as tidy as possible (think empty inbox strategy). Reducing notifications to only the set I actually want to deal with later would be an important part of that.

Oh well, maybe something for iOS 17. :wink:

All I can offer is a hearty, “Amen!” Oh, I guess I could file a Feedback for this. OK, doing that now. Here’s hoping!

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