Selectively clearing browser History

Several years ago I left the company that I’d worked at for many years. While at the company and on their computer(s), I’d use my iCloud ID so that I could read my email, access my bookmarks, contacts, etc. for convenience sake. Fast forward 4 years, and I’m still seeing Safari browser history for sites connected to the company. For instance, if I type “company”, I’ll get “”, “”, “”, and myriad other things that I no longer have a want or need for. Is there any way to selectively clear these suggestions from my browser history?

I don’t know of any way to do this for Safari. There is a History → Clear History… menu item, but your only choices are:

  • The last hour
  • Today
  • Today and yesterday
  • All history

None of which do what you require.

Although it doesn’t help you in this situation, you can easily do this in Firefox. Open up your browser history (History → Show All History). Then right-click on a location and select “Forget About This Site”. After confirmation, it will purge everything corresponding to the site (history, passwords, cookies, cache and content preferences).

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Just one of Firefox’s many charms, a great browser.

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You can go to History > Show All History, enter the site domain which you would like to delete, use Shift + mouse click to select the lines (or Cmd+A to select all lines), then press the Delete key.

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Also, Safari > Preferences > General, you can select the maximum time for keeping history items from one day to one year, or until you manually delete them.

Edit bookmarks and search for company nme…se,etc all and delete should work.

I am surprised clearing full history does not do the trick.
My other thoughts, if I’ve read this post correctly, are two:

  1. Make sure you are signed out of, or not syncing any other devices that may
    have stored history, or saved passwords and the like
  2. Make sure this is simply a browser issue … and not a web history issue.
    It is possible that somehow your history, perhaps associated with certain accounts,
    is still being archived by Google, in some way (hence auto-fill)
    For example, most of the Google suite of apps, Youtube included, archive search history

2 cents

To add onto @jmhbpc’s post, I suggest you log into your Apple ID account at and make sure none of the company’s computers is still connected to your Apple ID. If some are, remove them from the device list.