Security Update 2020-005 bugs—don't install!

I forgot that I had previously used sudo softwareupdate --ignore "Security Update 2020-005" which is why I wasn’t seeing it. Using sudo softwareupdate --reset-ignore fixed that so that I now see Security Update 2020-005 in System Preferences->Software Updates.

Mr. Macintosh has an article that should outline all possible scenarios

I’ve installed the new update and the three problems that I noticed (cannot create a new local user; cannot update apps in the Mac App Store; unusually large amount of RAM used by WindowServer process) are all fixed. I never had issues with slow boot, fan speeds, slowness in the Finder, and I never tried a user migration. All seems fine now.

Same for me. But I had already installed 2020-005. For me there is not an updated version (at least not yet.) (I never ran "sudo softwareupdate --ignore “Security Update 2020-005”).

Likewise. The Supplemental seems to have contained everything needed for the fix in my case.

Security Update 2020-005 (Mojave) was not updated. It’s exactly the same one that was released earlier, taken down and then re-posted, so since you had already installed it, you will never see it again.

Ok. I was confused by what you posted earlier:

That reads as if I should have seen the 005 security update to install again.

I’m not certain it’s related, but after installing update 2020-005, iTunes on my iMAC stopped connecting to my iPhone 7 running iOS 14.0.1 to sync when I connected it via USB. I got a message from iTunes that I needed to restore my iPhone from factory default. After I installed the macOS Supplemental Update 10.14.6 I did restore the iPhone and after reentering my Apple ID password several times and resetting multiple settings on the phone like I had a new phone, and waiting a couple hours for apps to download I believe I am back in business. I successfully manually backed up the iPhone to my iMac, but the iPhone has not automatically backed up to iCloud yet. The iPhone would not sync with iTunes until the app downloads completed, but did automatically sync via wifi once downloads finished.