SE as latest iPod?

I was told I would be able to set up a new SE iPhone so I could make wifi calls to anybody by using my wife’s sim in it during the set up procedure. Does any of this make sense or sound do-able?

You can make wifi calls on some carriers when the wifi is sufficient. Obviously that also means these calls will be originating from the number associated with your wife’s SIM and while her SIM is in your iPhone you’ll be getting her calls. Once you take that SIM out you won’t be able to make or receive calls anymore on your iPhone.

If you just want to make calls without using cellular you could use FaceTime audio or apps like Skype etc. which route calls as data over for example your wifi network. No SIM needed.

Would turning on WiFi calling work without a SIM card?

I cannot imagine. It requires carrier support. In fact its setting resides in a preference area that I can’t even access without a SIM card inserted.


I have two old iPhones with no sim cards, and I use them as extension phones to my current active SE. My SE is set up for “calls on other devices” . The old phones connect to Our wifi and are signed into my iCloud account.


Thank you all for the info. Does anyone have experience with third-party Voice over IP apps? Do these setups work reasonably for WiFi calls?

Not sure if this is the sort of thing you mean, but Ooma provides an app that allows me to access my Telo from my 6S using wifi. It works fine, and shares my iPhone contacts.