Scrivener for iPad replacement

Scrivener is an awesome product. I use it on my Mac extensively. However, their iPad app isn’t that great, probably because I’m comparing it with the Mac version. Is there a good replacement for Scrivener iOS whereby I can use it on my iPad and then export to Scrivener on the Mac for the main work on my Mac?

Excellent question. I do not work heavily with text on iOS or Android but know how powerful Scrivener is. Even having the features and reliability of BBEdit for iOS would be helpful.

Brett Terpstra maintains an iOS text editor list that may be useful to you, as it summarizes many of the apps and options out there. He seems to keep it fairly up to date (last edit was February). Also, be sure to scroll down past the list of contributors where you will see a series of links under the heading, “Other text editor reviews:”.

(Note of Caution: Before anyone installs software from the list below, please keep in mind that many “Free” and paid apps often come with advertising, tracking or other concerns. So perhaps read the top negative comments on the App Store to see if anyone has uncovered a serious problem. Even then, it may be a good idea to NOT put your critical information into the app until you have had time to experiment.)